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We're hiring! Click here to learn more about jobs at IES.
(Photo) Södertälje
(Photo) Södertälje
(Photo) Södertälje

Welcome to Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje

A 3-9 school, providing a safe and calm environment for learning, a command of English, and high academic standards. 

(Photo) Södertälje

School Blog

  • Important Dates / Viktiga Datum

    Important Dates / Viktiga Datum

    Autumn term 2021 / Hösttermin 2021

    School start / Skolstart 17/8
    Last day of the term / Skolavslutning 22/12 
    Autumn holiday week 44 / Höstlov vecka 44
    Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 8/9 studiedag, 30/9 ...Read more

  • We Are Opening Year F-2 Autumn 2022!

    We Are Opening Year F-2 Autumn 2022!

    Exciting news!

    Autumn 2022 we will open Year F-2. We will have two parallel classes/Year with 28 students in each class. 

    Admission of students to Autumn Term 2022, takes place later this year. We will start with our existing queue and we ...Read more

  • Friday Feeling!

    Friday Feeling!

    Our newly produced music video!

    Thank you to everyone involved! Amazing job!

    Lyrics: Mr Paulsson and Mr Brace
    Film: Lukas Noel and Mr Brace
    Music and Edit: Mr Brace
    Drums: Mr Douville ...Read more

  • IES Södertälje Student Council

    IES Södertälje Student Council

    With great pride we introduce our newly formed Student Council which consists of representatives from each class from grade 4 to 9. Representatives will work for the students' right to influence and, along with all students in the school, to work for ...Read more