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Hoop Hop Showdown House Competition

"Hoop Hop Showdown" was our first active House event. This game is a twist to the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each House battled extremely hard, but in the end it was the Aqua House that came out with the victory.  Hoop Hop Showdown became an instant classic, you could say it  was a Hoop Hop Hit!


How to play:

At the start of the game, one student  from each end starts hopping from the hula hoops until they meet each other, at that point, they play rock-paper-scissors until one of the students wins. The loser goes back to their end of the hoops, a new student immediately steps up at that end, and the winner and the new player hop until they run into each other. This process continues until someone reaches the opposing end. That player’s team wins!

 Mr Wester, Who organised this event said: 

"I would like to say a massive thank you to every member of staff that helped with this event and all of the wonderful students that participated in this Hoop Hopping good time. You could feel the intensity in the packed gym during our Hoop Hop Showdown. Every student and member of staff was fantastic, as the atmosphere was electric during the whole competition". 

We look forward to our next House competitions, so keep a watch closely on our Website for more updates on these during the term.