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From the Principal

End of Fall Term Update

Dear Parents of IES Södertälje,

First, we at IES Södertälje want to thank you for the trust you have invested in us with your children, our students. We started in August at planned capacity with 3 parallel classes from grade 4-7 with 368 students and 33 staff. Considering those numbers in a new beautiful school, one can reflect on the challenges a new school is faced with. The fact though is that the start of the school and the first semester has gone very well, we are so proud of our students and staff.   

Early on, we started assessing the knowledge levels of the students, to learn their individual levels in Math, Swedish and English. We also learned from in class activities, the students abilities in the other subjects and from those tests we were able to set up subject specific goals and start to work towards those in all subjects. Continuing in to midterm we had the grading conference and the students development talks where each student had an IUP drawn up, stating where they were academically and socially and from that, goals were set with them to encourage further development. After the Autumn break, the Year 6s also had their Oral National Tests in Math, Swedish and English. In short, we have gotten to know our students very well from all perspectives and we are ready to take them to the next level.

On the social side we already see the correlation between increased House activities and a decline in behavior notices. Our students love the House System with all its activities, dodgeball, football, table tennis tournaments and so on.

Looking ahead, our plan for next semester is to furnish a student lounge to give the students a quieter place to relax. We are also looking at setting up our library and equipping it for everyday use by students during their breaks and within lessons too.       

As you can see, you have chosen a school for your children that will provide an environment where they can grow and learn to their full potential, academically and socially. You have also chosen a school that is international minded, one which will open their minds to a world of opportunities, equipping them to pursue their aspirations anywhere in the world.

Thank you for all your support and positive and constructive feedback. The good relation we have with you, the parents is essential for us to be successful.  On that note, I also want to promote our PTA, a nonprofit Parent Teacher Association that will be a fantastic support for the school and its activities.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Johan Öhman



From the Principal

Fall Update

Individual Development Talks are now finished and we’ve received some wonderful feedback from students and parents alike. The consensus is that IES Södertälje has had a resoundingly positive start, and we are very proud of our students, staff and everyone involved in creating this excellent school.  

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has been established and will take an important role in being the open and direct line of communication between parents and IES management, and we will work together to make our school even stronger.

As we enter the dark seasons, I’d like to urge our parents who drop off and pick up their students by car to please drive extra slowly and be careful. And please, make sure that your children have light-reflecting badges or clothes to wear near trafficked areas.

Our teachers and students are now preparing for National Tests in Swedish, English, and Math. If you student will be taking NPs this year, you will soon receive more information from mentors and subject teachers.

As ever, your mentors are your direct link to the school, but I would love to see you at one of our morning coffee meet-ups on Wednesdays at 0730.

From the Principal

Welcome Students!

I hope our students have had a wonderful Summer Holiday but are as excited to start at a brand new school as we are. Teachers and staff arrived on campus very early this year to join the management team (which was here all Summer) in planning and preparing every last detail. We ready and very eager to finally meet our students!

Our first day of school starts on Thursday, August 17th, at 0945 and ends with an inauguration ceremony with IES founder Ms. Barbara Bergström at 12 noon. Parents are invited to the inaugural apple tree planting ceremony. Please read the general blog post to the right for more detailed information.

Our Head of Houses have been appointed: Mr. Snow for Ignis House, Ms. Kerr for Ventus, Mr. Ece for Aqua and Mr. Leal for Terra. Each student will be assigned a House on their first day at IES Södertälje, and belong to that House for all their years at our school. Student House Captains will be chosen by peers to help lead activities and challenges during the school year.

Besides receiving their House, students can look forward to meeting their class mentors and fellow classmates on Thursday, and spending the whole day on Friday with their classes, becoming familiar with each other, the school, and our rules and structures. As Principal, I extend the warmest of welcomes to our new IES students; welcome to your class, your House, your school.



From the Principal

Summer Update

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a great Summer and very happy holiday. Our first school day will be on Thursday, August 17th, at 9:00 a.m. We are all ready to start and eager to meet our students. Recruitment is complete and all the preparations are on schedule. In mid July we will send out more information to you, what will happen during the first days, about Junior Club, and more. If you think your child might want to join Junior Club (for grades 4 and 5) you can already let us know by sending a mail to junior.club.sodertalje@engelska.se, and type your child's name in the subject line of the e-mail. 

On the 17th of August we will also have an inauguration ceremony where you will have the opportunity to see the school for the first time. More information about this will also come in mid July.     

Glad sommar så ses vi snart!


From the Principal

Introduction Day a Success

“Students won’t have phones during school hours...No, not even our 7-9th graders…Nope, not even during breaks. We provide all the digital tools they will need for class, and during breaks we want them to talk to each other, play together, and get some exercise outside.”  I saw the initial surprise on the faces of the large group of parents gathered for our Introduction Day this past Saturday. And then almost immediately the smiles and the nodding heads. There were several “ah-ha” moments like this during our presentation and question-and-answer session.

It was clear from the buzz in the room and the good questions that this group of parents is more than ready for our school to open its doors. I very much look forward to collaborating with a strong and essential PTA (Parent Teacher Association).

While I met with a couple hundred parents at IES Älvsjö, their children - our new students - tried out classes in English, Swedish and Math classes together with some of their future classmates. Their excitement and anticipation at this preview of how a IES school works was unmistakable. They’re ready and it feels like they are eager to start school in August.

Please see our latest blog post to the right here for answers to our most frequently asked questions (FAQs) from parents. And if any questions remain - from parents or students alike - please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at info.sodertalje@engelska.se



From the Principal

"Tough Love:" A Happy, Healthy School

(Photo: Principal Öhman with two new recruits in the Home Economics room, from left: Head of Department Ms. Emma Eyre, and Head of Department Ms. Annie Hall.)   Meeting all these people and talking education is heaven for me, especially in the recruitment process of our excellent teachers: they have so much knowledge and understanding of what good education is and are eager to get to work at our new school. One of the primary reasons for that  eagerness is our IES-wide approach we call “tough love.” For us, tough love is the concept of learning coupled with the safe and calm environment we nurture at our IES schools.  Some people would call it discipline, but what we really do is foster positive behavior and immediately address any and all incidents, big or small. Our safe and orderly environment is the foundation for students to be happy and at ease with each other, making new friends and playing without any worry or sense of insecurity. As teachers and staff, our clear and firm expectations earn the students’ trust, and they can talk to us about anything that’s on their minds at school. The safe environment is also the foundation for students’ academic performance. The students value and trust their teachers as teachers, mentors as mentors, and we show how much we value the students by our commitment to them and our school. This respectful and trusting relationship is how we are able to challenge each student to reach his or her best academic potential. IES has a proven track record of outstanding results from the national tests and that is just a result of what we do and how we do it. All students can and will be successful with effort and opportunity. This is the greatest reward we know: watching students bloom in self-awareness and self-confidence, academically and socially.

Johan Öhman



From the Principal

New Language, New Opportunities

Now two weeks on the job, recruitment is going well and construction on the school buildings is going according to plan. I feel so energized and motivated when I picture the school up and running. I’m thinking of my own son when we moved to Dhaka/Bangladesh, when he enrolled in the international school there.  He was the only Swedish student at his grade level, he spoke no English at all, and there were no staff there that knew Swedish either. 10 weeks in he brought new friends home for a playdate and they communicated all in English. It is amazing how children can learn language and settle into new environments. It is not the child´s ability to learn English that is important but the safe, calm and orderly environment that allowed them to learn English, and to grow confidence in learning. This is also our experience at Internationella Engelska Skolan. Children’s ability to learn is amazing, especially when they are giving the right opportunity for it.


From the Principal

Principal Appointed for IES Södertälje

A dedicated and qualified educator with years of experience as a Principal has now been appointed to lead the development of Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje.

Mr Johan Öhman will become the Principal of IES Södertälje in April, four months before the school starts. He will work closely with colleagues from IES to ensure the school opens with everything needed for success - from new facilities to excellent teachers, all in time for the students to be welcomed into the refurbished building by their new Principal.

Mr Öhman is joining Internationella Engelska Skolan from his current job as the Principal of two upper secondary schools in Täby and Upplands Väsby, and is also taking part in the postgraduate program for Principals at Stockholm University.  He has 17 years experience in education and has worked as a teacher of subjects including the social sciences, economics, business studies and computing.  He also has a strong international background, as teacher and in school management, from international schools and education in Bangladesh and Singapore, including his commitment to the Swedish Supplementary Schools.

Speaking about his appointment, Mr Öhman said: “I am truly honored and excited to be the founding Principal of Internationella Engelska Skolan in Södertälje. As always with Internationella Engelska Skolan the expectations are set to a high standard. This expectation of a continually high standard gives us great inspiration to provide all our students with a first-class education.”

Ralph Riber, CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: “I am very pleased that we have managed to recruit a Principal with the experience and international mindset of Mr Öhman to run our new school in Södertälje. 

“His first task as Principal will be absolutely key to the success of the school, as he builds a strong international team around him, bringing the best teachers from the English-speaking world as well as excellent teachers from Sweden.”

Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje will be a 4-9 school and will open in August 2017. The queue is open now and parents are welcome to apply for a place for their children on a first-come, first-served basis.

From the Principal

Come and work with us

Come and work with us

We are now recruiting the very best teachers in all subject areas. We expect you to be a true professional, with the credentials of certification – from Sweden or abroad – to prove it. We also need professionals in non-teaching areas to work with us.

If you are passionate about education, believe in our ethos of a safe and orderly environment and high academic expectations, then you are the sort of teacher we are looking for.

If you are enticed by the thought of being part of a dynamic international school environment – then this is an exciting career opportunity for you.

Send your CV to our HR department at www.engelska.se/careers/apply, citing reference STLJE17.