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From the Principal

Principal blog - Welcome to the new school term 20/21

Principal blog - Welcome to the new school term 20/21

Dear Parents and Students

It is with great anticipation that I welcome you back to school!

I hope you have had a relaxing and healthy summer break but now it is time to focus your mind and prepare to work hard so that we can all have what I expect to be a very successful 2020/2021 academic year.

Here at school, our summer ended two weeks ago and we have been very busy preparing for our students and I am pleased to tell you that we already have the momentum to ensure that this term will start at a rapid pace. Our teachers are ready to provide high quality teaching and learning - all they need is their students in the classroom!

There will be some changes in the new year:

Literacy is so fundamental to learning that it’s importance cannot be overstated. Improving literacy in our students will be a thread into the fabric of the entire school this year, the goal of which is to improve attainment in all subjects and to create lifelong readers of our students. This is a long term ambition of mine and my commitment to literacy will develop in future years. 

Home Rooms
As with previous years, Grade 4 and Grade 5 will have their own homerooms. What is new for this year, is that Grade 9 will also have homerooms, equipped with their own laptop computers located very close to our new library.  For grade 9, this is the most important academic year of their life and I am committed to giving them every opportunity for success. 

New Kitchen
Over the summer, our kitchen has been completely renovated. A healthy and nutritious diet is a prerequisite for optimal levels of concentration and success in the classroom. We now boast a very well equipped kitchen and our chef is looking forward to putting it to good use!

Health and Safety
At IES, we promise to provide a safe learning environment. During the last academic year, we had to adapt our environment to minimise the spread of infection and we will continue to make significant efforts in school. Please read our policy regarding Covid-19 on Schoolsoft, which is the platform I will use to update parents on future changes in school. 

Parent Teacher Association(PTA)
My goal is to have one representative for the PTA from every mentor class in school. The school is the heart of the community and I want to work together with the PTA to make IES Södertälje the best school it can be. If you would like to be a representative for your childs’ mentor class, please send me an email at sam.west.sodertalje@engelska.se.   

Sam West, Principal IES Södertälje


Kära föräldrar och vårdnadshavare,

Det är med stor förväntan som jag välkomnar er tillbaka till skolan!

Jag hoppas att ni haft en avkopplande och hälsosamt sommarlov, men nu är det dags att fokusera och förbereda sig för att arbeta hårt så att vi alla kan få det, som jag förväntar mig, att bli ett mycket framgångsrikt läsår 2020/2021.

Här i skolan slutade vår sommar för två veckor sedan och vi har varit väldigt upptagna med att förbereda för våra elever och jag är glad att berätta att vi redan säkerställt att denna termin kommer att börja i snabb takt. Våra lärare är redo att ge undervisning och lärande av hög kvalitet - allt de behöver är deras elever i klassrummen!

Det kommer att ske några förändringar under det nya läsåret:

Läs- och skrivkunnighet
Läs- och skrivkunnighet är grundläggande för att lära sig och det är viktigt att det inte underskattas. Att förbättra läs- och skrivkunnigheten hos våra elever kommer att vara en röd tråd i skolan detta år, vars mål är att förbättra färdigheten i alla ämnen och skapa livslånga läsare av våra elever. Detta är en långsiktig ambition för mig och mitt engagemang för läs- och skrivkunnighet kommer att utvecklas under kommande år.

Liksom tidigare år kommer årskurs 4 och 5 att ha sina egna hemklassrum. Det som är nytt för detta år är att årskurs 9 också kommer att ha hemklassrum, utrustade med egna bärbara datorer och som ligger väldigt nära vårt nya bibliotek. För årskurs 9 är detta det viktigaste läsåret i deras liv och jag är fast besluten att ge dem alla möjligheter till framgång.

Nytt kök
Under sommaren har vårt kök totalrenoverats. En hälsosam och näringsrik kost är en förutsättning för optimala nivåer av koncentration och framgång i klassrummet. Vi har nu ett mycket välutrustat kök och vår kock ser fram emot att använda det!

Hälsa och säkerhet
På IES lovar vi att erbjuda en säker inlärningsmiljö. Under det senaste läsåret var vi tvungna att anpassa vår miljö för att minimera spridningen av infektioner och vi kommer att fortsätta göra stora ansträngningar i skolan. Läs vår policy angående Covid 19 på Schoolsoft, som är plattformen jag kommer att använda för att uppdatera föräldrar om framtida förändringar i skolan.

Förälder- och lärarförening (PTA)
Mitt mål är att ha en representant för PTA från varje klass. Skolan är hjärtat i samhället och jag vill arbeta tillsammans med PTA för att göra IES Södertälje till den bästa skolan den kan vara. Om du vill vara en representant för ditt barns klass, skicka email till mig på sam.west.sodertalje@engelska.se.

Sam West, rektor IES Södertälje


From the Principal

Welcome To The New School Year

Welcome To The New School Year

Welcome to the new school year!

It is with great pride that I take over from Johan Öhman as principal of IES Södertälje. I am looking forward to a great year and all our teachers returned two weeks ago to make sure we are fully prepared for your children.

IES Södertälje is expanding this year and for the first time we will have a complete Grade 4 - 9 cohort. This means many new faces both among students and staff, all of which will have a traditional IES welcome.

I am also happy to announce the appointment of a new Assistant Principal, Ms. Molly Kean. Ms. Kean has been with IES in various roles for 11 years incuding IES Enskede and most recently IES Huddinge. 

2019/2020 is a momentous year for IES Södertälje. Grade 9 will be the first graduating year in our history and I am expecting very high academic achievement from our grade 9 students. They are responsible for setting the standard and we will not settle for anything else!

Every day, you can find myself and Ms. Kean greeting the students outside the main entrance, please come and say hello!

From the Principal

Update From The Principal

Update From The Principal

Dear All,

Wouldn’t you know it, Easter just passed, and summer feels like it’s well on the way. What a magnificent term we have had so far, again keeping up with all the excellent activities like the resent IES Södertälje Talent show and soon our yearly Rowing Competition, where I am sure there are some who wants the beat the highest score from last year.

Do you even remember that we started off this year in the temporary buildings for our Year 4’s and 5’s! It seems so distant even though it was only a few weeks ago, during the Sport break, we actually moved in to the new J- building. Our 4’s and 5’s have established themselves well and are as happy as can be, wouldn’t you if this is where you went to school.

We are now closing in on finishing our second year in operation and everything is going great. From surveys and other means of feedback we can see high approval rate among students, parents and staff and we are confident that we are on the right path for excellence in education for our students. We can also clearly see an increased interest among local teacher and staff who wants to work with us at our school, simply because they believe in what we do and approve with how we organise the school to achieve our convictions of having a safe and calm environment, high academic expectations and command in English.


Thank you for trusting and believing us in our ambition to deliver an excellent education for your beloved children, our students.

Johan Öhman

From the Principal

Principal Blog - A Merry Farewell For The Holiday.

Principal Blog - A Merry Farewell For The Holiday.

Dear friends of IES Södertalje.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year to you all. I will miss the students during the holidays and I am already looking forward to January when we all meet them up again. Yes, I’m very much look forward to my own quality time with my family, but our school is something extra. We have dedicated
excellent teachers and staff, we have great students and we have a happy positive atmosphere at school. We now complete our third term together since we opened the school and from this I am convinced that we are a great school striving for excellence.

Thanks to all of you, parents and friends, for supporting us in this effort of progressing the school towards excellence. From all of us here at school, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Yours sincerely
Johan Öhman and staff of IES Södertälje

From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

What a good school start we have had this year. New fantastic Grade 4 students and some new students in the other grades as well. Grade 4 and 5 have their own classrooms in the temporary building. These buildings will be used until we get access to our newly renovated building when it has been brought up to the standard that IES expect. We hope we will be able to move there by the spring term and it will be a great environment for our Grade 4 and 5’s.

This year we have Heads of Year (HoY) for Grades 4-5, 6-7 and 8. HoY’s are the pastoral head for the mentors in their year group. This organisation will make the communication about our students much more efficient, within our school, and with you as parents. One addition to this year is the Student planners. These will be used to further our communication with the parents about homework, behavioural issues, rewards and many other things too. Students are required to take them to every lesson and they are signed every week by parents to ensure that good lines of communication are maintained between us.

House activities are up and running and the first house competition took place in August among the teaching staff before the students arrived. Thereafter, a number of competitions have been employed at school, T-shirt competition, Hoop Hop showdown to name a few. Also, we had a fantastic inauguration ceremony for our new fourth-graders where the fifth-graders welcomed and cheered their new house members. Lastly, a must mention is our second Roald Dahl day, a successful follow-up from last year.

Thank you for trusting us with the education of your children. We are fully dedicated to live up to our three convictions as an excellent school for the students, parents and staff.

From the Principal

Happy Summer

I’m thinking back a year and how nervous I was then. At that time, I was in recruitment mode, hiring some 30 plus staff in a period of less than three months, but what a great bunch of staff we have. We have experienced and committed teachers who won’t settle for anything less than a job well done with your kids. We have support staff that do their utmost to make sure that our students receive the best possible organization for their education, they deserve nothing less. We have an EHT who have an authentic interest in the student’s capabilities and a strong belief that all student’s can make it if they believe in themselves, and we can help them do that. At the start of the year, I didn’t know these things, I wanted them, and I believed we could achieve them, but I couldn’t be 100% sure. I thought it might take two or even three years before we get settled in as a great school, but I think we are one now. I am not saying that we are perfect, we do have many things to work on for next year, but this will now be easier with all the knowledge that we have collected from this first incredible year of operation.    

What a first year, it is amazing to see that so many things have turned out we the way we planned. The majority of our fourth graders who had about three months of English from their previous school, are improving their command of English every day, even in the corridors many of them are talking to each other and staff in English. They have learned so much English it is so pleasing to see and hear. With regards to behavior, we can see clearly that we are heading in the right direction. We have students who now say that education is their priority for the first time. The House system has been a great success and a signature of our profile, the students and staff want it and we have a lot of fun at the school doing the variety of activities. Take the orienteering day when we had groups of all grades within the houses, the fours were teamed up with the seventh graders and they took care of each other, a beautiful sight. There are so many things that have gone well this first year, and I must say that I am so proud of our students and staff at the school.

I am also proud of you parents, class parents and our PTA IES Telge, our own independent parental organization for the school. It is governed by you the parents and we as a school support and assist if needed. This is a fantastic opportunity for you as a parent to be part of this great thing we all are trying to achieve. Please contact them through mail, pta.telge.sodertalje@engelska.se

Have a wonderful summer vacation

Johan Öhman

From the Principal

Spring term update

Spring term update

(Photo: Daniel Brace)

Monday, April 23rd was International Book Day, and we celebrated at IES Södertälje by having all students and teachers bring our current best read to school, and at exactly 10 o’clock, doing a “stop, drop, and read!” Many staff and students chose to dress up as their favorite book characters to add to the festive mood.

As we are heading towards the end of our first school year, our high academic standards need to be tempered with plenty of fun in order to keep our students positive and excited about school. We have a couple more House competitions coming up: a fashion design challenge and math competition; and a whole sports day of orienteering this Wednesday. In addition, an IES-wide football tournament is in the works soon.

And at the end of the term, three whole House days of activities for team building and fun will serve as a wonderful memory to last our students the summer until we see them again.

From the Principal

End of Fall Term Update

Dear Parents of IES Södertälje,

First, we at IES Södertälje want to thank you for the trust you have invested in us with your children, our students. We started in August at planned capacity with 3 parallel classes from grade 4-7 with 368 students and 33 staff. Considering those numbers in a new beautiful school, one can reflect on the challenges a new school is faced with. The fact though is that the start of the school and the first semester has gone very well, we are so proud of our students and staff.   

Early on, we started assessing the knowledge levels of the students, to learn their individual levels in Math, Swedish and English. We also learned from in class activities, the students abilities in the other subjects and from those tests we were able to set up subject specific goals and start to work towards those in all subjects. Continuing in to midterm we had the grading conference and the students development talks where each student had an IUP drawn up, stating where they were academically and socially and from that, goals were set with them to encourage further development. After the Autumn break, the Year 6s also had their Oral National Tests in Math, Swedish and English. In short, we have gotten to know our students very well from all perspectives and we are ready to take them to the next level.

On the social side we already see the correlation between increased House activities and a decline in behavior notices. Our students love the House System with all its activities, dodgeball, football, table tennis tournaments and so on.

Looking ahead, our plan for next semester is to furnish a student lounge to give the students a quieter place to relax. We are also looking at setting up our library and equipping it for everyday use by students during their breaks and within lessons too.       

As you can see, you have chosen a school for your children that will provide an environment where they can grow and learn to their full potential, academically and socially. You have also chosen a school that is international minded, one which will open their minds to a world of opportunities, equipping them to pursue their aspirations anywhere in the world.

Thank you for all your support and positive and constructive feedback. The good relation we have with you, the parents is essential for us to be successful.  On that note, I also want to promote our PTA, a nonprofit Parent Teacher Association that will be a fantastic support for the school and its activities.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Johan Öhman



From the Principal

Fall Update

Individual Development Talks are now finished and we’ve received some wonderful feedback from students and parents alike. The consensus is that IES Södertälje has had a resoundingly positive start, and we are very proud of our students, staff and everyone involved in creating this excellent school.  

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has been established and will take an important role in being the open and direct line of communication between parents and IES management, and we will work together to make our school even stronger.

As we enter the dark seasons, I’d like to urge our parents who drop off and pick up their students by car to please drive extra slowly and be careful. And please, make sure that your children have light-reflecting badges or clothes to wear near trafficked areas.

Our teachers and students are now preparing for National Tests in Swedish, English, and Math. If you student will be taking NPs this year, you will soon receive more information from mentors and subject teachers.

As ever, your mentors are your direct link to the school, but I would love to see you at one of our morning coffee meet-ups on Wednesdays at 0730.

From the Principal

Welcome Students!

I hope our students have had a wonderful Summer Holiday but are as excited to start at a brand new school as we are. Teachers and staff arrived on campus very early this year to join the management team (which was here all Summer) in planning and preparing every last detail. We ready and very eager to finally meet our students!

Our first day of school starts on Thursday, August 17th, at 0945 and ends with an inauguration ceremony with IES founder Ms. Barbara Bergström at 12 noon. Parents are invited to the inaugural apple tree planting ceremony. Please read the general blog post to the right for more detailed information.

Our Head of Houses have been appointed: Mr. Snow for Ignis House, Ms. Kerr for Ventus, Mr. Ece for Aqua and Mr. Leal for Terra. Each student will be assigned a House on their first day at IES Södertälje, and belong to that House for all their years at our school. Student House Captains will be chosen by peers to help lead activities and challenges during the school year.

Besides receiving their House, students can look forward to meeting their class mentors and fellow classmates on Thursday, and spending the whole day on Friday with their classes, becoming familiar with each other, the school, and our rules and structures. As Principal, I extend the warmest of welcomes to our new IES students; welcome to your class, your House, your school.