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Hoop Hop Showdown 2019!

Hoop Hop Showdown 2019!


Our fantastic year 4 and 5 students, along with some crazy teachers, braved the weather on Tuesday for the Hoop Hop Showdown. 


A fantastically fun game combining jumping along a hoop track and the old classic 'rock paper scissors'.  We had a lot of fun watching the students compete to get to the other side of the track in order to win points. 

All the students played really well, with great attitudes even when they got knocked out at the last hoop.  Even the rain couldn't dampen the smiles, laughter and cheers. 

Well done to all who took part and helped and a huge thank you to Ms Kaur who made hot chocolate to help warm us all up again! 

At the end of both the year 4 round and the year 5 round the leaderboard was as follows: Ventus in first place, Terra in second place and Aqua and Ignis join third place.

Text and photo: Ms Kerr

Football Inter House Competition

Football Inter House Competition

It was a nice warm sunny Friday afternoon where years 4-8 participated in an exciting and fun-filled football competition!

First of all, I would like to thank all the students and staff that  attended this years inter-house football competition.

A special thanks to the year 8 students, alongside with Mr. Cullen and Mr McInnis who took their time to barbecue and fundraise for their Klasskassa. Way to go year 8!

In year 4 & 5 it was House Aqua that battled hard and came up with an undefeated tournament to take home 1st place. Hard work by all the houses, but there can only be one champion!

In Year 6-8 it was House Ventus that took home first place! A hard fought battle again by every house, but for the second year in a row, Ventus took home first place for 6-8th grade.

Cannot wait to do this competition again!

Bonus Competition for our website readers: 

Whose feet are these in the picture below? 1st person to see Mr Brace with the right answer wins a house point. 

(Text By Mr Wester Photos by Mr Brace)