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!! Photo Special !! Fire Brigade visit IES Södertälje

!! Photo Special !! Fire Brigade visit IES Södertälje

This week IES Södertälje's Junior club had a very special visit from the Södertälje Fire Brigade.


During the visit Södertälje Fire department split up the class into 3 groups and each group had a different activity to do. The 1st group of students had a tour around the Fire trucks, the 2nd group learned how to put out a real fire, using a fire blanket and doll, and the third group got to look at the "ladder pump". 

'Fire truck tour', Students were surprised at the amount of equipment that could fit inside the trucks.

Students learning how to put out a clothing fire.

Students checking out the "ladder pump"

Mr Brace who orginised the visit had this to say about the visit:

It was an amazing day for the children, I remember as a child when the firefighters came to our school that it was one of the most exciting days that we ever had, and that's why I wanted to do the same for our students. The Södertälje Fire brigade went above and beyond what we expected from the visit, and really interacted well with the children to make the visit a truly memorable one.  Our huge thanks go to Södertälje Fire brigade and to all of the Firefighters that were involved in the visit. 

Mr Brace and the Södertälje Fire department

The day finished off with the Firefighters joining the Junior Club students for afternoon dinner.   After this the students continued with a "Breathing apparatus" demonstration followed by a question and answer session to end the visit. 


Trying on and discovering how heavy the breathing apparatus was. 


Södertälje Fire department take questions.

From the Principal

From the Principal

From the Principal

What a good school start we have had this year. New fantastic Grade 4 students and some new students in the other grades as well. Grade 4 and 5 have their own classrooms in the temporary building. These buildings will be used until we get access to our newly renovated building when it has been brought up to the standard that IES expect. We hope we will be able to move there by the spring term and it will be a great environment for our Grade 4 and 5’s.

This year we have Heads of Year (HoY) for Grades 4-5, 6-7 and 8. HoY’s are the pastoral head for the mentors in their year group. This organisation will make the communication about our students much more efficient, within our school, and with you as parents. One addition to this year is the Student planners. These will be used to further our communication with the parents about homework, behavioural issues, rewards and many other things too. Students are required to take them to every lesson and they are signed every week by parents to ensure that good lines of communication are maintained between us.

House activities are up and running and the first house competition took place in August among the teaching staff before the students arrived. Thereafter, a number of competitions have been employed at school, T-shirt competition, Hoop Hop showdown to name a few. Also, we had a fantastic inauguration ceremony for our new fourth-graders where the fifth-graders welcomed and cheered their new house members. Lastly, a must mention is our second Roald Dahl day, a successful follow-up from last year.

Thank you for trusting us with the education of your children. We are fully dedicated to live up to our three convictions as an excellent school for the students, parents and staff.

Hoop Hop Showdown House Competition

Hoop Hop Showdown House Competition

"Hoop Hop Showdown" was our first active House event. This game is a twist to the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Each House battled extremely hard, but in the end it was the Aqua House that came out with the victory.  Hoop Hop Showdown became an instant classic, you could say it  was a Hoop Hop Hit!


How to play:

At the start of the game, one student  from each end starts hopping from the hula hoops until they meet each other, at that point, they play rock-paper-scissors until one of the students wins. The loser goes back to their end of the hoops, a new student immediately steps up at that end, and the winner and the new player hop until they run into each other. This process continues until someone reaches the opposing end. That player’s team wins!

 Mr Wester, Who organised this event said: 

"I would like to say a massive thank you to every member of staff that helped with this event and all of the wonderful students that participated in this Hoop Hopping good time. You could feel the intensity in the packed gym during our Hoop Hop Showdown. Every student and member of staff was fantastic, as the atmosphere was electric during the whole competition". 

We look forward to our next House competitions, so keep a watch closely on our Website for more updates on these during the term. 


Student Work

Political debates in Swe/SO

Political debates in Swe/SO

This week our Swedish and SO lessons were filled with political debates. 

Teacher Mr Haraldsson explains: 

"The aim of the course is to create a deep level of knowledge about the Swedish governmental parties. The students are taught about democratic values, their effect on society and their right as individuals. In this specific task, the students are also trained in rhetoric, and perform presentations in front of the whole group." 

Mr Haraldsson Leads the debate Photo: Mr Brace

When asked how the students have found the course Mr Haraldsson replied:

"The students absolutely love to talk about political institutions, and love to show their knowledge verbally. They are really passionate about the topic and for the freedom to speak openly and express themselves. Several students have already shown an amazing ability to express their point of views."

Roald Dahl Day 2018

Roald Dahl Day 2018

Celebrated every year on the anniversary of his birthday, the unofficial holiday celebrates all the characters created by the much loved and read children's author Roald Dahl whose most popular books included Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.


Willy wonker and The Fantastic Mr Fox. photo: Mr Brace

The annual celebration, sees school children around the world dress up as their favourite Dahl characters. IES Södertälje joined in the celebration with some fantastic costumes from Students and teachers.


Mr "BFG" Wester and Miss Nilsson. Photo: Mr Brace

Thank you to all Students and Staff involved in the Day, Looking forward to more special days like this in IES Södertälje, Keep posted!