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!! Photo Special !! Ambulance visit to IES Södertälje

!! Photo Special !! Ambulance visit to IES Södertälje

To complete our emergency service visits, our Junior club at IES Södertälje had an exciting visit from the Ambulance service.

Linus and Ambulance staff take questions

Similar to our other visits, the ambulance service took questions from our students and gave them a tour around the ambulance.

Included in the visit were some awesome demonstrations of medical equipment and how they are used

Moa Grade 5 talks about the visit

It was so fun to see the Ambulance crew, they bandaged my friends head and also showed us what a "neck brace" was. They told us that they use this a lot when they go to car accidents. The best part for me was when we could actually walk through the ambulance and see all the equipment.

Ambulance crew "attend" to one of our Junior club students

Our Junior club students really enjoyed the visit and were even given a little momento of the visit in the form of a teddy bear who has now been named as "Junior" by the students.

"Junior" the bear, a gift from the ambulance crew

We at IES Södertälje would like to thank Linus and the ambulance crew for coming and holding an amazing visit for the students.

Student Work

UN Day at IES Södertälje

UN Day at IES Södertälje

UN day at IES Södertälje this week started with a lecture from the Swedish Defense Forces, speaking about how to maintain peace by armed warfare. This is related to a part of our students examination process in Social Studies. The hour long talk was held by Bengt Sandström (Former Colonel - Swedish Army). Later in the day, the lessons will contain UN related topics.

Further on, the school was decorated with the members of the United Nations flags. These decorations were created by our Junior Club.


The purpose of this day is related to our autum theme - "Democracy in our society and globally". 

Earlier on in the semester the student worked with human rights related topics. The project centred on their position as school students at IES Södertälje. 

Throughout the year the students have covered the topic areas that include: The Swedish goverment elections, the organizations of parliament, government and the European Union. Later this semester, they will work with different types of dictators, and of course UN related topics.

!! Photo Special !! Södertälje Police Visit Junior Club

!! Photo Special !! Södertälje Police Visit Junior Club

Another special visit to Junior Club and this time it was the turn of the Södertälje Police. 

Affe from Södertälje Police answers students questions. 

Axel from grade 5 

I thought the police were cool, because he told us about things that the police do. He showed us his equipment and what they carry in their cars. We asked questions and he told us really interesting things like how much the armour weighs and what he does with his equipment. He is really cool as he likes the best teams in football and hockey. 

After a few questions the students were led outside for a tour around Affe's police car. 

Rabia Grade 4 -

The police opened the back of the police car and showed us what was inside, they had lots of things including breath test kit and a box filed with really cool things. I learnt that if someone has a weapon in their hand that the police have to take it to make us safe but the most useful weapon that the police have is their voice. 

We would like to thank the Södertälje police for visiting us and for all the hard work that they do to keep us safe. 

Spooktacular October At IES Södertälje's Library

Spooktacular October At IES Södertälje's Library

This month spooky happenings are a-foot at our new school library, ghosts and goblins, skeletons and demons are present all around. Our new Librarian, Mr Taquelim has transformed our Library into the scariest department in school, with fangtastic decorations and a selection of scary books. 

Cynthia from 4th grade student said this:

Its nice! I like the little cups with scary things in them. I also like the scary books, at the moment I am reading "Silverpokjen" It is about a boy who sees a boy that no one else can see and the boy wears shorts even though the book is set in the winter. It's scary because nobody else can see the boy.


Mr Taquelim explains:

It's been a fantastic experience to have organised this special month with a group of very avid readers. It's exciting to see the level of participation demonstrated by our students. This being the library's first year, and to see the interest from our readers growing exponentially, makes this "scary" Librarian a very happy voodoo bookworm ;-)

We hope all our students can come and check out our Library and "Trick or Treat" yourself to a book and have some "Skele-fun"!

Student Work

Taco Time at IES Södertälje

Taco Time at IES Södertälje

This week in Home Economics we have been making tacos, guacamole and salsa all from scratch. 

The students have been demonstrating their knife skills, group work and planning. They were given free reign to season and spice, and completed their cooking without assistance and under time pressure, just like on masterchef!

Mr Furie The Home Economics teacher:

I'm super proud of their work and their skills. Home Economics teaches the students how to live in the world after school. They are currently all working on their own menu for their final test. We will also be organising a cooking club and house competition for after autumn break.

Feeling hungry? Check out Mr Furie's easy recipe to try yourself at home:

Beef Taco’s


½  Onion

1 Clove garlic

½ Red pepper

½ Green pepper

½ Chilli pepper

200g minced beef

50ml water

Taco spice mix (2 tsp per person, or more if you like!)

1 teaspoon oil


Peel and finely dice onion and garlic, and slice chilli pepper. Put to one side.

Slice red and green pepper, put to one side.

Put teaspoon of oil in frying pan. Put pan on ring on heat 2.

Once oil is hot, add minced beef to pan and cook until brown all over.

Add onion, chilli and garlic and cook for 3-4 minutes.

Add peppers, taco mix and water. Cook for 5 more minutes. TASTE! Add more spice if you like :)

Remove from heat and cover with foil.