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IES Södertälje Participates In Schackfyran 2019

IES Södertälje Participates In Schackfyran 2019

This week all of Year 4 took part in Schackfyran.

Our students joined 1500 other students from around the Stockholm area in Globen Annex and played 4 games of chess each. 

For each game the students collected points towards their class team and competed against all the other schools that were present. 

We were really proud not only of the chess skills shown on the day by our students but also by the great sportsmanship and behaviour they all showed.  Some of our students even managed to win all 4 of their games, a great achievement. 

Well done to you all for taking part.

(Text by Ms Kerr - Head of House Co-ordinator / Photo: Mr Brace)

Inter-House Basketball Competition at IES Södertälje

Inter-House Basketball Competition at IES Södertälje

This week all our House's participated in an Inter-House basketball compettition. 

The competition was divided into mini 3-on-3 games and also a "Free throw" competition. 


A great evening was had by all with great participation from the students and staff alike. A huge thanks to all that came and the winners will be announced very soon in school. 

Here is a hidden competition for those who have read this article and for your students to win a house point....

"Whose feet are resting on a basketball featured in the following picture"? 

The first student to see Mr Brace and guess right wins an house point...Good luck!

IES Södertälje Winter Photo Competition

IES Södertälje Winter Photo Competition

This month IES Södertälje held our first photo competition. The aim of the competition was to take an artistic picture of a Fir tree.

We had many great entries and some are shown here in this blog post. 


The competition was school wide meaning that any student could participate.

A very high standard of photographic entries with the winner being Lukas from Year 7 with the image below. Huge Congratulations to Lukas whose image will be displayed on all of the school computers as a wallpaper. 

Winning entry

Thank you to all that entered and well done to the winner. We look forward to our next competition and will keep you posted on our school website for more. 

Snow Fun At IES Södertälje

Snow Fun At IES Södertälje

With the huge amount of snow we are having, our grade 4's found a fun way to pass their break time. 

During their break time and with the assistance of Mr Brace, our grade 4's built an impressive Igloo.

Fun was had by all and great team work from all our students involved.  


Student Work

!!Photo Special!! - Year 5 Art Project

!!Photo Special!! - Year 5 Art Project

Last term the Year 5 students designed and made a 3D model in plastacina.


This was part of a mythical story art project.

The students had to come up with the background of the monster: Where they are from? what they did? As well as a detailed description, which they then created in 3D form.


We think the students did amazing work and we hope you enjoy some of the work displayed in this post. 


Text and photo by: Ms Nilsson (Head of Year 4-5)