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Cupcake Competition @IES Södertälje

Cupcake Competition @IES Södertälje

For the second year in a row IES Södertälje held a cupcake competition for our students.


This years theme was to decorate the cupcake's based on our 4 house's Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Ventus. 

 Our winners this year were:

1st place Razan with an amazing fire and mashmellow style to represent house Ignis.

2nd placement was Lova with her awesome large wave and water droplet cupcake to represent Aqua. 

And in 3rd place was Darja who made a lovely beehive to represent house Ventus.

Well done to all our winners! A big thank you also goes to all involved and that took part. 

Photo: Miss Duffy Text: Mr Brace.

!!Photo & Video Special!! IES Södertälje Talent show 2019!

!!Photo & Video Special!! IES Södertälje Talent show 2019!

Due to the success of last years show, again it was time for our students to show off their talents to an excited crowd of staff, fellow students and parents! 

Hosted by Antonio and Eva-maria and judged by our Head of Houses it was an evening full of great fun and entertainment.

Many different acts graced the stage including dance, song, animation and even a Rubix cube presentation! 

Talent shows can be seen as a way to help boost the self-esteem, confidence and promote public speaking. Our students excelled in doing that again this year.

We even had a very special "Teacher talent" act planned by Miss Duffy. the act got one of the largest laughs of the night and thanks to Miss Sattberger we were lucky enough to capture it on film. 

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Our Head of house for Aqua, Mr Wester said this about the evening:

The show was a great success! I'm very proud of how our students performed and we all applaud their bravery to get up and perform in front of such a large crowd. It's always difficult and can be very scary to be in the eye of the public, but our students showed great grit and determination to perform. 

So without further ado, here are the winners on the night!

In third place with a fantastic song melody was Lara from 4th grade.

In second place was 7th grade Naomi, who sung and played piano for the 2nd year in a row.

And finally our winner for the IES Södertälje talent show was 6th grade student Emilia with her amazing ballet performance. 

We were lucky enough to capture Emilias performance when she practised in a PE lesson so you can see the dance in full below (Video uploaded with parents permission) 

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Huge thank you to all that performed and to all that came. 

Mr Brace, stage manager for the show had this to say: 

An amazing night and fun had by all! Im so proud of all our students. I would like to say some special thanks to Ant and Eva for doing such a great job at presenting, my back stage crew that was made up of our 8th graders who gave up their spare time and worked fantastically during the evening.  Our very own HoH's for their judging skills. Ms Duffy for trying to teach teachers a talent, Ms Nilsson who ran the snack stands, Mr Winsnes for great work with managing the music and Miss Kerr for arranging the show. Now I'm looking forward to planning for next year. 

Photos: Helga 8th grade // Text: Mr Brace


Rowing Machines Have Arrived!

Rowing Machines Have Arrived!

In co-operation with the Svenska Roddförbundet and for the 2nd year running we have hired rowing machines for some exciting inter house and lesson competitions. 

There will also be an opportunity for all our students to participate and generate thier own personal best time's every Tuesday and Thursday after school. 

Last year was a major success with many students trying to be the best in thier year, we expect a great turnout again this year. 

Keep posted to the website for updates and results.





IES Södertälje Participates In Schackfyran 2019

IES Södertälje Participates In Schackfyran 2019

This week all of Year 4 took part in Schackfyran.

Our students joined 1500 other students from around the Stockholm area in Globen Annex and played 4 games of chess each. 

For each game the students collected points towards their class team and competed against all the other schools that were present. 

We were really proud not only of the chess skills shown on the day by our students but also by the great sportsmanship and behaviour they all showed.  Some of our students even managed to win all 4 of their games, a great achievement. 

Well done to you all for taking part.

(Text by Ms Kerr - Head of House Co-ordinator / Photo: Mr Brace)

Inter-House Basketball Competition at IES Södertälje

Inter-House Basketball Competition at IES Södertälje

This week all our House's participated in an Inter-House basketball compettition. 

The competition was divided into mini 3-on-3 games and also a "Free throw" competition. 


A great evening was had by all with great participation from the students and staff alike. A huge thanks to all that came and the winners will be announced very soon in school. 

Here is a hidden competition for those who have read this article and for your students to win a house point....

"Whose feet are resting on a basketball featured in the following picture"? 

The first student to see Mr Brace and guess right wins an house point...Good luck!