Spooktacular October At IES Södertälje's Library

Spooktacular October At IES Södertälje's Library

This month spooky happenings are a-foot at our new school library, ghosts and goblins, skeletons and demons are present all around. Our new Librarian, Mr Taquelim has transformed our Library into the scariest department in school, with fangtastic decorations and a selection of scary books. 

Cynthia from 4th grade student said this:

Its nice! I like the little cups with scary things in them. I also like the scary books, at the moment I am reading "Silverpokjen" It is about a boy who sees a boy that no one else can see and the boy wears shorts even though the book is set in the winter. It's scary because nobody else can see the boy.


Mr Taquelim explains:

It's been a fantastic experience to have organised this special month with a group of very avid readers. It's exciting to see the level of participation demonstrated by our students. This being the library's first year, and to see the interest from our readers growing exponentially, makes this "scary" Librarian a very happy voodoo bookworm ;-)

We hope all our students can come and check out our Library and "Trick or Treat" yourself to a book and have some "Skele-fun"!