!! Photo Special !! Ambulance visit to IES Södertälje

!! Photo Special !! Ambulance visit to IES Södertälje

To complete our emergency service visits, our Junior club at IES Södertälje had an exciting visit from the Ambulance service.

Linus and Ambulance staff take questions

Similar to our other visits, the ambulance service took questions from our students and gave them a tour around the ambulance.

Included in the visit were some awesome demonstrations of medical equipment and how they are used

Moa Grade 5 talks about the visit

It was so fun to see the Ambulance crew, they bandaged my friends head and also showed us what a "neck brace" was. They told us that they use this a lot when they go to car accidents. The best part for me was when we could actually walk through the ambulance and see all the equipment.

Ambulance crew "attend" to one of our Junior club students

Our Junior club students really enjoyed the visit and were even given a little momento of the visit in the form of a teddy bear who has now been named as "Junior" by the students.

"Junior" the bear, a gift from the ambulance crew

We at IES Södertälje would like to thank Linus and the ambulance crew for coming and holding an amazing visit for the students.