Cupcake Competition @IES Södertälje

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Cupcake Competition @IES Södertälje

For the second year in a row IES Södertälje held a cupcake competition for our students.


This years theme was to decorate the cupcake's based on our 4 house's Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Ventus. 

 Our winners this year were:

1st place Razan with an amazing fire and mashmellow style to represent house Ignis.

2nd placement was Lova with her awesome large wave and water droplet cupcake to represent Aqua. 

And in 3rd place was Darja who made a lovely beehive to represent house Ventus.

Well done to all our winners! A big thank you also goes to all involved and that took part. 

Photo: Miss Duffy Text: Mr Brace.