Student Work

Congratulations Maryam! Second Place In The Junior Academy's Green Textiles Challenge!

Each year, the New York Academy of Sciences selects 1,000 of the world's brightest high school students (ages 13-17) to become part of The Junior Academy, joining a dynamic global network of like-minded peers and mentors. 

With great pride we announce that Maryam Al-Jumaili, our Year 8 student, and her team came second in the Junior Academy's Green Textiles Challenge! 

Congratulations Maryam!


Picture above: our Head of Science Department Dr Partsinevelou and Maryam Al-Jumaili.


IES Södertälje Competes in Teknikåttan!

Our brilliant Y8s competing in Teknikåttan 2021, a nationwide competition for all of Sweden's eighth graders, where you get the opportunity to develop your knowledge in technology and science in an inspiring and educational way.

IES Södertälje Is Running The Junior Academy Program This Year!

Today is a big day for our Science Department and our awesome students as the local newspaper has published an article about the Junior Academy Program that we are running this year!

The program has 15 000 participants from all over the world and 6 of them are our students. Ms Partsinevelou (Head of Science Department) and everyone at our school are very proud!

Please read the article from Södertälje Posten, page 14-15:

We wish the students good luck with the problem solving and thanks to Södertälje Posten for the article!

!!Photo Special!! - Year 5 Art Project

Last term the Year 5 students designed and made a 3D model in plastacina.


This was part of a mythical story art project.

The students had to come up with the background of the monster: Where they are from? what they did? As well as a detailed description, which they then created in 3D form.


We think the students did amazing work and we hope you enjoy some of the work displayed in this post. 


Text and photo by: Ms Nilsson (Head of Year 4-5) 

Hour of Code week at IES Södertälje

It was a great week of students participating in the Hour of Code. This week helps promote computer science to boys and girls around the world. It is a great way to show the variety of jobs and possibilities that are within computer science. Thank you to all the staff and students who participated last week!

Mr Wester held the hour of code in his science lesson

Hour of Code is conducted every year during Computer Science Education Week . 2018 Computer Science Education Week was held 3-9 December, but you can have an Hour of Code at any time of the year! Computer Science Education Week is held annually in memory of computer science pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper 's birthday (December 9, 1906).

Some of our more "Tech-savvy" grade 9's helped out during the grade 4 class

Mr Wester had this to say about the week -

Each student should be given the opportunity to learn computer science. It supports problem solving, logical thinking and creativity. By starting early, students will be given the skills they need for a career in the 21st century.

For more information on the "hour of code" go to: