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Closed Construction Site

Because the school is still very actively under construction, it is not permitted to visit the campus for safety reasons. Please direct all your inquiries to, or call +46 (0)8 544 735 30. Thank you!

From the Principal

New Language, New Opportunities

Now two weeks on the job, recruitment is going well and construction on the school buildings is going according to plan. I feel so energized and motivated when I picture the school up and running. I’m thinking of my own son when we moved to Dhaka/Bangladesh, when he enrolled in the international school there.  He was the only Swedish student at his grade level, he spoke no English at all, and there were no staff there that knew Swedish either. 10 weeks in he brought new friends home for a playdate and they communicated all in English. It is amazing how children can learn language and settle into new environments. It is not the child´s ability to learn English that is important but the safe, calm and orderly environment that allowed them to learn English, and to grow confidence in learning. This is also our experience at Internationella Engelska Skolan. Children’s ability to learn is amazing, especially when they are giving the right opportunity for it.


Students and Teachers at IES Södertälje

Our new school in Södertälje is teaming with activity. We are in the last stages of a complete renovation of the classic old buildings, giving them a fresh contemporary feel while maintaining the charm of large sunny windows and the oak-paneling details of the original architecture.

More importantly, the planning for what and who goes into this school is at full steam, both in terms of students and staff. Students are receiving their admissions letters and we are filling our rosters for the initial enrollment of three classes per year group, from grades 4-7. This year’s 7th graders will have the honor of being the very first class to don the traditional IES blue caps and gowns as IES Södertälje graduates in the Spring of 2020!

Staff recruitment, both at home and abroad, is going very well as the IES reputation for being a school where teachers can teach and students can learn precedes it. We have a strong core of staff assembled, and are recruiting the remaining excellent teachers for the team over the next few weeks.

Introduction Day Coming Up

Students enrolled in to our school will have an Introduction Day during this Spring where they have the opportunity for a hands-on preview of how we do things at IES schools by participating in a class, learning our routines, and having their questions about our school answered. More information to come in the students’ admissions letters!

English in the Hallways

Sitting in planning meetings at our beautiful but still-under-construction IES Södertälje, we had a moment today when the hammering and drilling suddenly stopped, and we imagined the halls filled with the sound of kids using their first hesitant English sentences.

It goes so fast. For those of us with experience at other IES schools, we know: even those children who don’t speak a word of English on their first day are happily chattering away six months later. Children soak up languages, and all the linguistic research of the past 30 years has shown what an enormous cognitive advantage it is for children to be bi- or even tri-lingual. We are so excited to offer this opportunity to children in Södertälje.

Internationella Engelska Skolan is a bilingual school, and while we encourage students to use their developing English skills, we are just as determined that they maintain excellent Swedish and mother-tongue abilities while in our care.