Södertälje Fältarna Visit IES Södertälje

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Södertälje Fältarna Visit IES Södertälje

Södertälje's own youth organization "Fältarna" visited IES Södertälje and held a talk for our year 7 students. 

The talk was an introduction to their work and to inform the students of the help they can offer in conjunction with teachers an other staff members in school. 

Fältarna are a group of adults dedicated to the help and support of young people between the ages of 12 to 18. They are present all around town especially in schools and fritids. 

Micheler and Lotta explain what it is to work for Fältarna:

A Fältarna is someone who the children can talk to, even when things are hard at home and school. We are their friends but also a role model. We are hired by the council and social services so we have a lot of support in our role. We are everywhere where young people may hang out and spend most of our times in schools. we have even covered an event in Stockholm. 

When asked about the role Micheler and Lotta explained:

We really appreciate the job, we appreciate that the kids know that they can come and talk to us and we can help, it feels really good. 

For more information about Fältarna and their work, check out: https://www.sodertalje.se/omsorg-och-socialt-stod/barn-ungdom-och-familj/faltassistenternafaltarna/

We at IES would like to thank Lotta and Micheler for their visit and look forward to seeing them more around the school.