New Mural At IES Södertälje With Exclusive Interview

New Mural At IES Södertälje With Exclusive Interview

This past Spring, IES Södertälje students in grades 6-8 participated in creating a large community-based painting that now hangs in our schools entrance. The project was funded by Skapande Skola, a national venture by Kulturrådet to get artists into Swedish classrooms. 


The colorful mural is a result of the personal symbols developed by our students in art class, and painted by 8th graders with the leadership of Stockholm-based artist Saadia Hussain. You can see an exclusive interview by our year 9 Student Julia with Saadia in the video below.

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Ms. Hussain, the recipient of Stockholm’s Honored Artist Award in 2018, is interested in identity, freedom of expression and democracy, and has led projects nationally and internationally that have shared the power of communal art with thousands of participants. 

8th graders completed the actual painting of the mural with the artist and art teacher Ms. Eyre over a two-day period. The finished artwork is a splash of color in our school entrance and will be a reminder for our students of our individual and shared identities for years to come.

Text: Ms Eyre // Photo, Film & Edit: Mr Brace