New Language, New Opportunities

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From the Principal

Now two weeks on the job, recruitment is going well and construction on the school buildings is going according to plan. I feel so energized and motivated when I picture the school up and running. I’m thinking of my own son when we moved to Dhaka/Bangladesh, when he enrolled in the international school there.  He was the only Swedish student at his grade level, he spoke no English at all, and there were no staff there that knew Swedish either. 10 weeks in he brought new friends home for a playdate and they communicated all in English. It is amazing how children can learn language and settle into new environments. It is not the child´s ability to learn English that is important but the safe, calm and orderly environment that allowed them to learn English, and to grow confidence in learning. This is also our experience at Internationella Engelska Skolan. Children’s ability to learn is amazing, especially when they are giving the right opportunity for it.