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We are nearing the end of July which means the end of summer break for your children. This also means we have our corridors filled with students very soon and we are all very excited!  School starts on the 17th of August, 2017 at 10.00. Students are to be in school by 9.45 and gather in the school yard for a welcome speech from the Principal. They will then be escorted by their mentors to their mentor rooms where they will receive some forms that require signing, their schedules, have a brief presentation of the IES Södertälje Rules & Respect, assigned lockers and informed of the plan for Friday. School ends on that day by 11.30.

Following this, we have the school inauguration ceremony at 12.00 where the founder, Ms. Barbara Bergström will officially open the school and plant the symbolic Apple Tree. She will be joined by other IES dignitaries. Attached, please find an invitation card to all who can attend, we would love for you to join us on this important occasion as part of the IES Södertälje family.

On Friday, 18th of August 2017 school starts at 9.00 and ends at 13.00 This day will be dedicated towards group bonding (bonding with mentors and fellow classmates). The mentors will have fun activities planned for that day.  From Monday, the 21st of August and forward, students will follow their normal academic schedules.

In the afternoon of Monday and Tuesday (week 34), parents are required to attend a briefing and meet their child's mentor for a short presentation of expectations we have as a school of you and our students.

After this meeting, you are welcome to attend a workshop on Schoolsoft with our Academic Manager, Ms. Zahra Datoo. Log-in and passwords will be sent via post to you prior to this meeting. Please ensure you do not hand out these log-in details to your children. Ms. Datoo will be teaching you how to navigate through Schoolsoft and use the various functions you will be required to use. Closer to the time, Ms. Datoo will send out a sign up sheet to you so as to enable her to plan accordingly. The schedule is as follows:

Monday 21st August, 2017:

Year 4: Parents meet at 17.00 in the lunchroom

Year 5: Parents meet at 17.45 in the lunchroom

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017:

Year 6: Parents meet at 17.00 in the classroom

Year 7: Parents meet at 17.45 in the classroom.