IES Södertälje collaborates with KTH

IES Södertälje collaborates with KTH


IES Södertälje continues a very successful collaboration with KTH, contributing in research projects connected with Artificial Intelligence and Social Robotics.

Last term, during Technology lessons, students from Years 5-7 participated in an activity designed by researchers in KTH. The aim of this activity was to introduce students to the basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence and, at the same time, use their critical thinking about this new technology.

From the mentioned activity, a high quality research was conducted in the Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning, in which Mr. Gaspar Isaac Melsión Pérez wrote the following about our school.

“Nonetheless, all this work would not have reached to the end without the relentless motivation with which teachers and students in Y5, Y6 and Y7 from the IES Södertälje school in Stockholm received me opening their doors to accomplish the objectives of this thesis. In particular, their Head of Science Department, Sofia Partsinevelou, for her tirelessly support and commitment, who facilitated in every way possible the realization of my work, even when the COVID-19 outbreak seemed to have torn down every possibility to run it in the schools.” 

This term, our school is participating in a new research project which is focused on investigating if and how robots should 'stand up' to sexism in schools, with the aim of (i) improving awareness of the issues of sexism in schools and gender biases in technology and (ii) engaging more girls in science and technology subjects. Dr. Katie Winkle, post-doctoral researcher at KTH, is leading the project (photo above), while we hope that our contribution will help Dr. Winkle and her team to move a step forward in the field of Social Robotics.



Text: Sofia Partsinevelou