Happy Summer

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From the Principal

I’m thinking back a year and how nervous I was then. At that time, I was in recruitment mode, hiring some 30 plus staff in a period of less than three months, but what a great bunch of staff we have. We have experienced and committed teachers who won’t settle for anything less than a job well done with your kids. We have support staff that do their utmost to make sure that our students receive the best possible organization for their education, they deserve nothing less. We have an EHT who have an authentic interest in the student’s capabilities and a strong belief that all student’s can make it if they believe in themselves, and we can help them do that. At the start of the year, I didn’t know these things, I wanted them, and I believed we could achieve them, but I couldn’t be 100% sure. I thought it might take two or even three years before we get settled in as a great school, but I think we are one now. I am not saying that we are perfect, we do have many things to work on for next year, but this will now be easier with all the knowledge that we have collected from this first incredible year of operation.    

What a first year, it is amazing to see that so many things have turned out we the way we planned. The majority of our fourth graders who had about three months of English from their previous school, are improving their command of English every day, even in the corridors many of them are talking to each other and staff in English. They have learned so much English it is so pleasing to see and hear. With regards to behavior, we can see clearly that we are heading in the right direction. We have students who now say that education is their priority for the first time. The House system has been a great success and a signature of our profile, the students and staff want it and we have a lot of fun at the school doing the variety of activities. Take the orienteering day when we had groups of all grades within the houses, the fours were teamed up with the seventh graders and they took care of each other, a beautiful sight. There are so many things that have gone well this first year, and I must say that I am so proud of our students and staff at the school.

I am also proud of you parents, class parents and our PTA IES Telge, our own independent parental organization for the school. It is governed by you the parents and we as a school support and assist if needed. This is a fantastic opportunity for you as a parent to be part of this great thing we all are trying to achieve. Please contact them through mail, pta.telge.sodertalje@engelska.se

Have a wonderful summer vacation

Johan Öhman