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Important Dates / Viktiga Datum

Important Dates / Viktiga Datum

Autumn term 2021 / Hösttermin 2021

School start / Skolstart 17/8
Last day of the term / Skolavslutning 22/12 
Autumn holiday week 44 / Höstlov vecka 44
Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 8/9 studiedag, 30/9 utvecklingssamtal efter lunch/inga lektioner efter lunch, 1/10 utvecklingssamtal heldag/inga lektioner, 15/10 studiedag.

Spring term 2022 / Vårtermin 2022

School start / Skolstart 10/1
Last day of school / Skolavslutning 10/6
Sports holiday week 9 / Sportlov vecka 9
Easter holiday week 15 / Påsklov vecka 15 (11-18/4)
Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 1/2 studiedag, 24/2 utvecklingssamtal efter lunch/inga lektioner efter lunch, 25/2 utvecklingssamtal heldag/inga lektioner, 26/5 Kristi Himmelfärdsdag, 27/5 klämdag, 6/6 Nationaldag.


Our Brand New Gym Is Officially Open!

Our Brand New Gym Is Officially Open!

On Thursday, Mr West (our principal) officially opened our new custom built gym and our facilities are now complete!
Our students started to have PE in there this week and they are very exited! As are the staff that teaches them!

The gym has big windows where lots of light comes in and you can divide the hall in two if you have two groups that are going to do different things.

There are four changing rooms, two are downstairs and two are upstairs.





We are so happy that the gym is ready and so exited to finally use it!


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IES Södertälje Christmas Rap 2021!

IES Södertälje Christmas Rap 2021!

Christmas and New Year is coming up and the students and staff are going on a well deserved break.

We have a brand new video! Christmas Rap!

Thanks for everyone for the awesome job with the video! Students and staff!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

See you all in January 2022!


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We Are Opening Year F-2 Autumn 2022!

We Are Opening Year F-2 Autumn 2022!

Exciting news!

Autumn 2022 we will open Year F-2. We will have two parallel classes/Year with 28 students in each class. 

Admission of students to Autumn Term 2022, takes place later this year. We will start with our existing queue and we will contact the people who can potentially start Autumn Term 2022. Admission takes place in the order of registration to the school, with the exception of those students who already have siblings in our school who get sibling priority.

We have also sent an email to everyone in our queue and given them an option to change their application to F-3. 

Year F-2 will be in our newly renovated existing buildings.

You who are not in our queue yet can register on our website:

If you have any questions, please contact Administration at or 070 970 69 02 (phone hours regarding intake between 13-15).



Spännande nyheter!

Hösten 2022 ska öppna upp F-2. Vi kommer ha två parallelklasser/Åk med 28 elever i varje klass.

Intag av elever till ht-22 sker senare i år. Vi kommer gå efter vår befintliga kö och vi kommer kontakta de personer som potentiellt kan börja ht-22. Antagningen sker i ordning av anmälan till skolan med undantag för de elever som redan har syskon i vår skola som får syskonförtur. 

Vi har även skickat mail till alla i vår kö och gett dem valmöjligheten att ändra sin ansökan till F-3. 

Årskurs F-2 kommer hålla till i nyrenoverade befintliga lokaler.

Ni som ännu inte står i vår kö kan göra en anmälan via hemsidan:

Om ni har ytterligare frågor kring detta, kontakta gärna administrationen på eller 070 970 69 02 (telefontid gällande intag kl.13-15).


Friday Feeling!

Friday Feeling!

Our newly produced music video!

Thank you to everyone involved! Amazing job!

Lyrics: Mr Paulsson and Mr Brace
Film: Lukas Noel and Mr Brace
Music and Edit: Mr Brace
Drums: Mr Douville

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