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Important School Dates For Autumn And Spring Term 2019/2020

Autumn term 2019 / Hösttermin 2019:

School start / Skolstart 19/8 

Last day of the term / Skolavslutning 20/12  

Autumn holiday week 44 / Höstlov vecka 44

Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 10/10 (Study day/Studiedag)


Spring term 2020 / Vårtermin 2020:

School start / Skolstart 8/1 

Last day of school / Skolavslutning 11/6

Sports holiday week 9 / Sportlov vecka 9 

Easter holiday week 15 / Påsklov vecka 15 (6-13/4) 

Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 1/5 (May 1st/Första maj), 21/5 (Holy Thursdag/Kristihimmelfärds dag), 22/5 (klämdag).

Football Inter House Competition

It was a nice warm sunny Friday afternoon where years 4-8 participated in an exciting and fun-filled football competition!

First of all, I would like to thank all the students and staff that  attended this years inter-house football competition.

A special thanks to the year 8 students, alongside with Mr. Cullen and Mr McInnis who took their time to barbecue and fundraise for their Klasskassa. Way to go year 8!

In year 4 & 5 it was House Aqua that battled hard and came up with an undefeated tournament to take home 1st place. Hard work by all the houses, but there can only be one champion!

In Year 6-8 it was House Ventus that took home first place! A hard fought battle again by every house, but for the second year in a row, Ventus took home first place for 6-8th grade.

Cannot wait to do this competition again!

Bonus Competition for our website readers: 

Whose feet are these in the picture below? 1st person to see Mr Brace with the right answer wins a house point. 

(Text By Mr Wester Photos by Mr Brace)

Mr West Appointed as Principal

Dear students, parents and staff of Internationella Engelska Skolan Södertälje,

As has been communicated to staff, Mr Öhman is relocating to China in August and will leave his position as Principal at IES Södertälje. Mr Samuel West has been appointed as Principal and will lead the school from 1 August 2019.

Mr West was educated in the UK and is a qualified math teacher. He has been working for IES since 2011 and assistant principal at IES Skärholmen since 2015. Most recently he had the role of Acting Principal at IES Skärholmen.

I have every confidence in Mr West's ability to lead IES Södertälje going forward as ne is an experienced educator and school leader.

Please join me in welcoming Mr West to his new role, as well as thanking Mr Öhman for his valuable contribution as the founding principal of IES Södertälje over the past two years. We wish both of them every success.

Kind regards,

Cecilia Marlow

Acting CEO

From the Principal

Update From The Principal

Dear All,

Wouldn’t you know it, Easter just passed, and summer feels like it’s well on the way. What a magnificent term we have had so far, again keeping up with all the excellent activities like the resent IES Södertälje Talent show and soon our yearly Rowing Competition, where I am sure there are some who wants the beat the highest score from last year.

Do you even remember that we started off this year in the temporary buildings for our Year 4’s and 5’s! It seems so distant even though it was only a few weeks ago, during the Sport break, we actually moved in to the new J- building. Our 4’s and 5’s have established themselves well and are as happy as can be, wouldn’t you if this is where you went to school.

We are now closing in on finishing our second year in operation and everything is going great. From surveys and other means of feedback we can see high approval rate among students, parents and staff and we are confident that we are on the right path for excellence in education for our students. We can also clearly see an increased interest among local teacher and staff who wants to work with us at our school, simply because they believe in what we do and approve with how we organise the school to achieve our convictions of having a safe and calm environment, high academic expectations and command in English.


Thank you for trusting and believing us in our ambition to deliver an excellent education for your beloved children, our students.

Johan Öhman

Cupcake Competition @IES Södertälje

For the second year in a row IES Södertälje held a cupcake competition for our students.


This years theme was to decorate the cupcake's based on our 4 house's Terra, Ignis, Aqua and Ventus. 

 Our winners this year were:

1st place Razan with an amazing fire and mashmellow style to represent house Ignis.

2nd placement was Lova with her awesome large wave and water droplet cupcake to represent Aqua. 

And in 3rd place was Darja who made a lovely beehive to represent house Ventus.

Well done to all our winners! A big thank you also goes to all involved and that took part. 

Photo: Miss Duffy Text: Mr Brace.