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Important School Dates For Autumn And Spring Term 2019/2020

Important School Dates For Autumn And Spring Term 2019/2020

Autumn term 2019 / Hösttermin 2019:

School start / Skolstart 19/8 

Last day of the term / Skolavslutning 20/12  

Autumn holiday week 44 / Höstlov vecka 44

Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 10/10 (Study day/Studiedag)


Spring term 2020 / Vårtermin 2020:

School start / Skolstart 8/1 

Last day of school / Skolavslutning 11/6

Sports holiday week 9 / Sportlov vecka 9 

Easter holiday week 15 / Påsklov vecka 15 (6-13/4) 

Other days off / Andra lediga dagar: 1/5 (May 1st/Första maj), 21/5 (Holy Thursdag/Kristihimmelfärds dag), 22/5 (klämdag).

IES Södertälje Launches On Instagram

IES Södertälje Launches On Instagram

This week IES Södertälje launched their very own Instagram account for the Student Elective photography class.

Headed by Mr Brace and Mr Paulsson, @Iesso_photographyclub is a page for our photography students to show off their awesome work inside and outside of  the class. 


Mr Brace's (Left) and Mr Paulsson's (Right) Photos

Over the term we will update the page regularly and we hope that you can follow and see the photography talents of our students.  

We have also made a fun little competition for the students to promote the page; all around the school Mr Brace has hidden a collection of cards that feature some of the students photos and a secret message on the back with the instagram account name. So far it's been really fun to see students find cards and collect house points. 

From the @iesso_photographyclub Instagram account

This competition will run all week so keep looking for a chance to receive a house point. 

Great "Kick Off" To The New Term !Photo + Video Special!

Great "Kick Off" To The New Term !Photo + Video Special!

We had a great kick off to the new term!

 At IES Södertälje our house system plays a huge role in creating our culture. Just like in Harry Potter our students are arranged into 4 houses (Aqua, Ignis, Ventus and Terra) and will stay in those houses from grade 4 to 9. 

We began with the sorting of our new year 4 students into houses and then enjoyed a day of bonding and collecting points.


Our annual football competition was the first of the year and was played in year groups. The rest of the field was filled with fairground games, beat the goalie, hoop throwing, cup pong, shooting a ball into a bucket and many more.


All these games allowed our students the chance to get points to put their house into the lead.


The students did a great job trying all the activities, they particularly enjoyed ‘sponge the teacher’, though why we gave them points for that I’m not quite sure!!


Check out this video of Mr Cullen bravely sitting in the firing line!

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Thanks to all the staff for making this day possible and we really hope you had fun. Watch this space for the results.

Text: Ms Kerr / Photo: Mr Brace & Mr Kasten



From the Principal

Welcome To The New School Year

Welcome To The New School Year

Welcome to the new school year!

It is with great pride that I take over from Johan Öhman as principal of IES Södertälje. I am looking forward to a great year and all our teachers returned two weeks ago to make sure we are fully prepared for your children.

IES Södertälje is expanding this year and for the first time we will have a complete Grade 4 - 9 cohort. This means many new faces both among students and staff, all of which will have a traditional IES welcome.

I am also happy to announce the appointment of a new Assistant Principal, Ms. Molly Kean. Ms. Kean has been with IES in various roles for 11 years incuding IES Enskede and most recently IES Huddinge. 

2019/2020 is a momentous year for IES Södertälje. Grade 9 will be the first graduating year in our history and I am expecting very high academic achievement from our grade 9 students. They are responsible for setting the standard and we will not settle for anything else!

Every day, you can find myself and Ms. Kean greeting the students outside the main entrance, please come and say hello!

Important Information For Students Returning To School

Important Information For Students Returning To School

Welcome back to school for the academic year 2019/2020!

Välkomna tillbaka till skolan för läsåret 2019/2020!

Information about the first days / Information om de första dagarna:

SCHOOL START Monday August 19th / SKOLSTART måndag 19 augusti
All classes / alla klasser: 08.20-10.20
Lunch is not provided / Ingen lunch serveras.
No Junior Club (it starts Tuesday 20th of August) / Ingen Junior Club (startar tisdag 20 augusti)

Tuesday 20th August / Tisdag 20 augusti
Year 4-6: 08.20-11.30.
Year 7-9: 10.00-13.00.
Lunch is provided / Lunch serveras.
For the students in year 4 and 5, the Junior Club starts after school today.
För de elever i årskurs 4 och 5 som är anmälda startar Junior Club idag efter skolan.

Wednesday 21st August / Onsdag 21 augusti
School as usual (see schedule) / Skola som vanligt (se schema)

From Wednesday breakfast is served from 07.45 to 08.15 for the students who wish to eat in school / Från och med onsdag serveras det frukost mellan kl. 07.45 och 08.15 för de elever som vill äta i skolan.